Hooked on new colors!


Times have been slow for my crochet work, due to my working schedule. But during my breaks, I like to sneak peek Pinterest and other websites for some inspiration. In the past months, I've been more and more into creating two to three specific projects to stick to a specific niche inside the vast world of crocheted goods, so I won't lose my focus on wanting to try everything I see. - Yes, I haven't got rid of this bad habit!

For me, it's quite easy for this to happen when you feel like you're still in the beginning of this wonderful journey that crochet is. You want to explore all the creative ideas it has to offer, you want to try out patterns until you find your own niche or style. In my case, I think I'm getting there, but I will let you know when I do. 
For now, I'm becoming comfortable with a few ideas and starting to create my own patterns, one step at a time, as this really takes time, patience and dedication. I've lost count of how many times I had to undo a row or several of them, and start over again because I wanted it to be as perfect as possible. - I know perfection isn't tangible, but we can always do our best to try, right?!

Anyway, this post was meant to share with you a bit of my thoughts and how things have been taking place around me.